Am I guaranteed work?
No. In this industry the client has the right to select the model or talent that best suits the job. Talent Managers and Agents can suggest whom they feel might be the best selection for a specific job; however, the client makes the final selection.
What will I need to be marketed?
Is there work on the weekends?
Am I allowed to be with other agencies or management companies?
How much notice do I get for bookings/auditions?
How do I take my child out of school, do I need a letter from the management company or agency?
Is it important for me to pay to have an on-line portfolio?
What is the difference between and an agent and a manager?
What is the difference between a model and talent agency and a casting agency?
I want to cut my hair do I need to get new shots?
My hair is curly but I often straighten it, should my pictures have it both ways?