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August Wilson’s FENCES is being brought to the big screen by Denzel Washington, who will direct as well as play Troy Maxson. Viola Davis will play Rose Maxson.

Cory – Supporting / MALE / 18 TO 20 / African American

  • 17 years old, African American, good-looking, big, strong like his father, a high school football player with enough talent that college scouts are looking to recruit him. The hardest thing facing him is Troy’s resentment about his own athletic career—one that never had a chance because pro teams were all white in his day. Cory is denied his chance at college and grows to hate his father. Finally, after a violent confrontation, Cory takes his life in another direction… SUPPORTING  Submit 19-22 year olds to play ages 17 and 25. Should look like he could be the child of Denzel Washington and Viola Davis.

Raynell – Supporting / FEMALE / 7 TO 9 / African American

  • RAYNELL: 7 years old, black/white mix??????, cute, Troy’s daughter by another woman (Alberta), raised by Rose. We meet her on the day of her father’s funeral. She is sweet and happy, and shyly curious when Cory arrives home—a big brother she’s never met. The two of them bond with song that Troy used to sing. Submit 7 -8 or small 9 year olds to play 7… 4 SCENES, 25 LINES, 2 SPEECHES.

Troy @ 14 – Day Player / MALE / 13 TO 15 / African American

  • Strapping, handsome, African American, at a major turning point in his life. He found a girl who liked him and together they were intimate in the woods of Alabama. His father comes across them and begins whipping Troy. Once he realized his father wanted the girl for himself, all his fear turned to rage…OLDER TROY BEING PLAYED BY DENZEL WASHINGTON

Joe Canewell’s Daughter – Day Player / FEMALE / 13 TO 15 / African American

  • JOE CANEWELL’S DAUGHTER: 13 years old, very pretty, coming into her womanhood, African American. She’s fond of your Troy and so she finds herself in the Alabama woods with him getting very intimate. When Troy’s father comes across them she realizes his father’s true intent and runs away in terror…

Troy’s Father – Day Player / MALE / 35 TO 55 / African American

  • TROY’S FATHER: 40s-early 50s, African American, big, strong, a man trapped by his life choices, raising a family bigger than he could afford and working a job that was sucking away his life. Always angry, his son thought he was evil; his wife left him just like all his other women. He was a sharecropper, working cotton, seen steering a plow pulled by a mule. When he catches his son being intimate with a young girl, he chases young Troy off so her can have the girl for himself. What he didn’t expect was Troy’s reaction.

Deputy Commissioner – Day Player / MALE / 35 TO 48 / Caucasian

  • DEPUTY COMMISSIONER: 35 – 45, Caucasian, portly. He moves through a waiting room to find Troy and bring him to his boss. 2 lines

Need submissions by March 4, 2016.

Sending video reel and resume to info@sivadconcepts.com.



  1. Winston: Male African American gentleman in his 40’s. Medium build, serious disposition with a deep voice. Dressed in a dark suit holding a rocks glass.
  2. Josephine: Female Caucasian in mid 20’s. Tall, looks like a model with an interesting English accent. Sexy evening dress and a cocktail glass in her hand.
  3. Prasad: Male of ambiguous ethnicity in his mid 20’s. Medium build, friendly guy with a slight California accent. Sports jersey, ball cap and holding a Collins glass.
  4. Mike: Male Caucasian in early 30’s. Large frame, partial facial hair with no accent. Casual jeans, T-shirt and holding a red plastic cup.
  5. Ajita: Female Middle Eastern person in her late 30’s. Petite, scientific disposition with a slight foreign accent. Lab coat, eye glasses and holding a clip board.
  6. Owen: Male (could be Gay) ambiguous ethnicity in his 30’s. Skinny, business minded with glasses. Wears tech business casual and holding a scientific news journal.

If chosen, production will begin July 8th & July 9th, 2016 in the Northern VA area.

Send headshot, resume and a video sample (video starting with full body shot and pan into close up shot before shooting sample) to info@sivadconcepts.com.

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