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Commercial to be filmed July 2016 in Northern VA (6 roles)



  1. Winston: Male African American gentleman in his 40’s. Medium build, viagra buy cheap serious disposition with a deep voice. Dressed in a dark suit holding a rocks glass.
  2. Josephine: Female Caucasian in mid 20’s. Tall, generic cialis prostate looks like a model with an interesting English accent. Sexy evening dress and a cocktail glass in her hand.
  3. Prasad: Male of ambiguous ethnicity in his mid 20’s. Medium build, friendly guy with a slight California accent. Sports jersey, ball cap and holding a Collins glass.
  4. Mike: Male Caucasian in early 30’s. Large frame, partial facial hair with no accent. Casual jeans, T-shirt and holding a red plastic cup.
  5. Ajita: Female Middle Eastern person in her late 30’s. Petite, scientific disposition with a slight foreign accent. Lab coat, eye glasses and holding a clip board.
  6. Owen: Male (could be Gay) ambiguous ethnicity in his 30’s. Skinny, business minded with glasses. Wears tech business casual and holding a scientific news journal.

If chosen, production will begin July 8th & July 9th, 2016 in the Northern VA area.

Send headshot, resume and a video sample (video starting with full body shot and pan into close up shot before shooting sample) to

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